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Naty and Halloween!

Tuesday, October 31st, 2017

Halloween is always fun in my house! What a nice surprise for me as Natalia came to see me Monday. She is here for the next three days to help Roxanna with my exercises and of course just to spend time and hang out with me! My mom asked her where she wanted to sleep? She replied with Malia! So Naty and I got to cuddle together and sleep in my bed while she was here visiting! We had lots of fun, and Roxy did a great job and picked up very quickly on all the new exercises that Naty showed her.

On the day of Halloween, I was a sweet butterfly! Genesis came over and we had such a good time with Roxy and Naty making crafts! We did face painting, decorated cupcakes, carved out pineapples and made halloween lanterns! It was fun and later in the day our neighbors Chris and Susan came over dressed up in costume and we all had dinner together! We put on some fun spooky Halloween music and did the Monster Mash in the kitchen! What a great time!

The time spent with Naty was cherished. We will always be great friends. I am so blessed and loved.
Love Malia

Seizure Monster Go Away!

Tuesday, October 31st, 2017

For some reason my seizures have decided to get out of control. Having three grand mals in one day is unheard of with me and won’t be tolerated! I have put on my boxing gloves and am fighting back. It’s so cruel how they suck the life and air out of me. My day is ruined after having one of those. What went wrong? Where did we lose control? Why is this happening? I have been so good in so many other ways! We started seeing more seizures when I was in Texas. The gran mals started popping up one every other day. At the end of our trip in Texas, when we were driving to Houston I had one in my car seat. We had to exit and pull off the side of the road. When this happens it literally consumes me and it is very frightening to watch. Once we got back to Costa Rica, mom started investigating and asking more questions to our Pediatric Cannabis group.

It was suggested that I try to reboot my endocannabinoid system. You might wonder what that may mean! It seems through research and experience from others that the CB receptors can fill up and become used to receiving the cannabis oil daily. The system needs a reset. So that is what we did. My mom and dad took me off my cannabis oil for five days straight. The seizures began to get better. I started back up on my oil but mom cut it back drastically. It is called micro dosing and you know what? It seems to be working. I have had a great week with Roxanna, I am not sleeping in until noon. I am active, more alert and waking up at 10! It worked I have seen a 75% improvement in my seizures since rebooting my system. Now lets just hope and pray that it stays that way! Seizures are very hard to battle. They can start up over the smallest thing! I am just happy that I have had a good week and that I am feeling good again.

So seizure monster go away, leave me alone, and don’t come back please!
Love Malia


Tuesday, October 31st, 2017

Roxana Vargas comes from Perez Zeledon, she recently graduated from nursing school. Due to the nursing industry in San Jose and surrounding areas it is difficult to find a full time job in nursing and thank goodness for us! 🙂
Roxy was one of the last girls to be interviewed before my big trip to Texas. She is 24 years old smart, funny, and Vegan. We hired Roxy a few weeks before we left for Texas. She has been with us now for a month! Roxy is very sweet and a fast learner. Although she is not a physical therapist she has learned many of my exercises from Natalia and in this last month we have been working very well together. The most important thing is that we get along great and she shows me much attention and love.

Change is never easy, but it sure makes things better when someone kind and caring like Roxy comes in to fill the shoes of my dear and great friend Natalia Mora. Each therapist has been awesome and amazing in their own way, they give their time, energy, and love to me and that really is all that I ask for. I am so blessed to have such amazing women come into my life. I am looking forward to this new year with Roxy and the many adventures we will have together.

Since it takes Roxy almost 12 hours to get back to her family she is only leaving the finka once a month. Roxy likes to garden so she has plenty of plants here to garden with! Welcome to our family Roxanna! We are happy to have you on board our team! I am looking forward to getting to know you more and more each day!
Love Malia <3

Lara Price singing to me!

Thursday, October 12th, 2017

Benefit fun!

Thursday, October 12th, 2017