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Turtle Hatching!

Monday, January 21st, 2013

Today was a fun day…. This morning at therapy I was not in top form, mainly I just wanted to sleep and did not have my groove on to get to work… I think everyone can agree that some Monday’s just aren’t that much fun!!! So I did a little work out with Maria Jose then snoozed a bit through therapy.. We had lunch together and mom was at the nursery working… Around 4pm I woke up from my afternoon nap and mom decided we should all three go down to pick up the goodies that Auntie Karen brought mom and me from the States yesterday… Low tide was around 4pm so it was a good time to go for a stroll as well… It was definitely a last minute excursion. I was already working out with Maria Jose when mom came over and said stop the therapy lets go to the beach! So we hurried and packed my stroller and off we went!

It was great to see Aunt Karen and George. Since mom had promised me my stroll we did not chat too long and headed to the beach. Right in front of Karen’s house is a turtle sanctuary and at that very moment Sea Turtles were hatching and I was able to actually hold one and Maria Jo put it in the sand to let it head out to sea! It was the coolest thing! There were many people around watching the big event. You had to be very careful with the little turtles and you could only touch them with gloves on. It was super special and we were all happy we had the opportunity to be a part of it!!! After our turtle adventure we went for our stroll…. I am using my old stroller the Special Tomato but it sure does not roll so well on the sand!! Hmmm will have to think of new stroller for me so that I can cruise down the beach!!

What a great day and I managed to skip afternoon workout as well! Ha!
Love Malia

January 2-20th

Monday, January 21st, 2013

Things here have been pretty good!! I have managed to stay healthy for a while now. I have had a few lip smacking seizures in the mornings but other than that nothing too severe. These lip smacking events make be a bit tired but for the most part I have been doing great. Maria Jose is very pleased with me in my therapy and I have been working very hard. I have made great progress in my hands. My hands are no longer balled up in a fist. I have them open and relaxed. I am putting more weight in my hands as well. It seems that with getting older my brain is growing as well. I am much more alert and attentive. I track my mom and dad everywhere. I pay attention to what you are telling me and many times I try and talk back to you. Progress is a great thing and if I can only stay home and be healthy than I know my progress will grow leaps and bound!

Only a few times have we had to worry about my reflux but most of the time I have managed to get it under control. I fluctuate with my reflux. Sometimes I am really good and other days I have to go on O2 and be aspirated. My parents are contemplating taking me in for further to studies to see if I am a candidate for the Nissen surgery. We really dont want to have to do that surgery because it would require open surgery and anesthesia so that is not something any of us want to do but the reflux can be detrimental as well. So right now we are just thinking about the idea. No big moves yet.

My grandparents arrived on the 2nd and it was great to see them except that they both ended up getting sick the day after they arrived so I really have not spent much time with them as my mom has them banned from coming over to our house! Imagine that!! Life here is good right now. I can not complain. I am happy and healthy and we shall continue our motto Health Wealth and Happiness!!! Hope everyone is having a great start to the New Year!
Love Malia

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, January 16th, 2013

Januray 1st 2013
HEALTH WEALTH AND HAPPINESS is the family motto of the Moore’s! We are starting of this year with a bright and happy outlook on life! As a family we have so much to be thankful for the number one thing is my health as lately it has been awesome! My seizures have cut way back and I thankfully have not had another urinary tract infection since October! I am so thankful for Maria Jose who works with me everyday and helps me strengthen all my muscles and for my parents for taking such good care of me. I was happy to start a new year as 2012 was a very dificult year for me. We spent way too much time in the hospital than at home! I am really excited as well as my parents are building a house. After almost 5 years of living in one bedroom and our room being upstairs and the kitchen downstairs and totally open to the elements we are finally going to be moving into a one floor home and I will have my own room! I am a very lucky little girl!

I was very happy that my parents were able to go out on New Year’s to a big party and have some fun! Auntie Luisa and her husband Juan came to watch me! I was already asleep when mom and dad left for their party! They had a great time out and I slept like an angel for Luisa!! I just know that 2013 is going to be one of my best year’s ever! My granny Claudia and grandpa Bobby are coming down on the 2nd to see me! I am looking forward to spending some time with them!! Happy New Year everyone!
Love Malia