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New Years!

Monday, January 22nd, 2018

The year flew by me! So much has happened in one year. I thankfully have managed to stay away from doctors minus my normal check ups.. I did have another bout of SIBO but it seems like we have managed to get it under control. I gave up my real food for a type of formula that is easy on my stomach but packed with loads of nutrients and minerals and no sugars. I can’t do sugars such as fruits nor carbohydrates as they convert into sugars… The naturopath in Colarado suggested that I stay away from it all. I am okay with it. I am maintaining my weight and even putting a few pounds on.. My mom was sad to stop giving me my regular foods as she has always loved to cook for me. I had to convince it was going to be okay and the best thing for me is for never to have SIBO return as it is one of my biggest enemies.

New Years Eve we hung low and had my grandparents and neighbors over for dinner. We even managed to hula hoop a bit! Dad was having fun putting the hoop over my chair and spinning it around. :) Granny even tried to hula hoop! But Susan our neighbor was the best! Boy could she move that hoop!

I was asleep before midnight so didnt make it to the new year…. I am hoping 2018 is full of health for me and seizure free. Big wish there but a girl can sure dream. So grateful for another year.. Time sure does move fast. Wishing all my family and friends out there the best 2018 has to offer.
Love to all