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Sunday, March 29th, 2015

My First day of School!

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

It is finally here! Yesterday was my first day of school!!! I live in a small rural town in Delicias, Costa Rica. The school I go to is in Cobano and is called Carmen Lyra. It is quite a milestone for me to be going to school. Maria Jose began to talk to my parents about school last year. My parents were a little apprehensive about taking me to school with so many other childrem. They also knew it would be a great thing for me to experience. Change is always scary but I am ready for it! We met with the director of the school last week and the rest of the teachers. They were all very nice and receptive of me. The school has a speech therapist as well that is going to work with me one on one once a week. I am excited about going to school.
Maria Jose picked out my uniform in San Jose it is quite cute for having to wear uniform! 😉 In order for me to go to school the only schedule that would work for me was the afternoon classes that start at 12:30 and I would go until 3:30. It was already decided from the begining that I would not be able to attend morning classes at 7:30am simply because I like to sleep and usually dont start my day until 10am! Since classes start at 12:30 on the days that I have to go to school I have to start having my breakfast by 6:30 am and then have lunch at 11am so that I can go to class and not have to eat lunch while there. The first day of school went off without a hitch. Mom got me going early, (I slept throught breakfast ) and then when I woke up mom had me in the shower getting me ready for my first day. Maria Jose came later and helped finished getting me ready while mom prepared other things.

We actually made it to school on time right as the bell was ringing for classes. Maria Jose will go to school with me. She is my protector! I am so happy she is going to come with me! My first class is Music. I really enjoyed hearing all the other kids around me and listening to my teacher play guitar and sing. I even have homework to do!! It was a great day and huge step! I am proud to be going to school.

Love Malia

Full moon and seizures!

Thursday, March 5th, 2015

People have said there is no correspondence to seizures and the full moon but I beg to differ. Every time the moon is full my seizures begin to rear their ugly head and bother me more often than not! Think about it our body has around 50% or more water. Think about what the moon doest to the tides in the ocean? For me it is for real, my mom always sees an increase in seizures during the full moom! Although it is beautiful to see it does affect me! Sometimes my seizures last longer and are stronger and more frequent.
I am hoping to get more of my CBD oil soon. Since I have put on weight I need to increase my doses of the oil! We are hoping and praying the increase will take away my seizures again. Do you remember when I was seizure free for three months? It was the oil that took away my seizures! Seizures wipe me out and then I don’t have the energy to do anything fun! So hopefully my next report on seizure is that they are gone! Good ridden!
Malia xo