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March 26 Epilepsy Awareness Day!

Monday, March 26th, 2018

As you know, my seizures have increasingly become worse. They are called partial complex seizures. My arms shoot out in front of my body my eyes roll up and I begin to shake. Thankfully they don’t last too long, 10-15 seconds. I have a nasal spray that I use that helps to make them stop. Sometimes I can have up to three of those in one day.

We have all been wondering why have they become so strong and more frequent? Is it that I am getting older, my brain is growing? The seizure monster used to only come when I was sleeping or right when I was waking up. Now he is coming whenever he feels like it.

We recently went to San Jose where mom had scheduled an appointment with my neurologist to see if he had any suggestions. In all reality I have tried everything out there when it comes to seizure drugs. My parents are against me taking Barbituates as they are highly addictive, and my parents nor myself want me to become a drooling zombie. When I started CW out of Colorado and went six months seizure free it was before it became legal in all 50 states. When it became legal it was because the had to lower the amount of THC so now it is sold a hemp oil and readily available to all. But…. that change maybe the change that messed things up for me. My seizures came back not to the amount as before but they came back. They were manageable but now they are just annoying and very taxing on me. So we began to look at other alternatives which is trying a different strain of Cannabis and using the total plant. Dr. Luna supports medicinal cannabis and agreed with my parents that this would be my best option as we are at my maximum and can not raise my current AED (anti-epileptic drug).

On Epilepsy Awareness Day we are going to be making a change and trying a stronger strain of Cannabis. I’ll take a three day break of oil (reboot to the Endocannabinoid system) and then start my new oil on Wednesday. Praying that it works and takes the seizure monster or at least mimnimzes them! Every child should have the right to try cannabis. Legalize it! Cannabis is Medicine!

Love Malia