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Button Placement

Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010


After three months of having my g tube placed I finally was able to go to San Jose and get my tube removed and my new little button placed. It was to be a simple 10 to 15 minute procedure. We were scheduled to have the surgery at 8am. We arrived at the Children’s Hospital, (not my most favorite place) at 7:30am and at 10am my doctor showed up. He told my parents that the drug they needed to sedate me was not available in the hospital. He mentioned we may have to wait until next week before we could do the surgery. Needless to say, my parents and I were not happy about that idea! After searching around they finally found the drug they needed to sedate me. There is only one nurse in all of Costa Rica that knows how to find my vein and unfortuantely she does not work at the hospital. You see, I am very difficult to get a needle into my vein. After 7 tries from 2 different nurses they finally gave up and decided to call in the anethesiologist to put a mask on my face to make me go to sleep so they would have a easier time finding my vein! Geez, why didn’t they think of this earlier!

I was rolled into surgery at 11am and was finished in no time. The surgery was a success. I came out and was in recovery for a couple of hours. We were back in the same room that I was in when I first was admitted to Children’s Hospital and me and my parents wanted out of there as fast as possible. After we went through all the red tape, and had all the right signatures for my dismissal from the hospital I was able to go back to the hotel with my parents. At 4pm we left. So much for it being a simple and fast procedure! Hey we are in Costa Rica and nothing ever seems to happen on time! I was just happy to be leaving.

My grandma Marg from Canada, had flown in the night before to be with us. I was happy she was there as I had a tough night. She helped my mom calm me down as I was upset about all that had happened to me that day and really did not want to sleep as I was irritable after all they had put me through. We got through the night though and the next day I was feeling much better! After a week in San Jose, I was ready to go home. I was able to drive in the car this time and not have to fly and we made the road trip back to Delicias with no problem. Now that I am back at home I am much happier and am thankful that everything is okay with me. When we arrived Luisa, my babysitter and house cleaner, had made me a beautiful heart of flowers for me. I love flowers and she was so kind to think of me! We are all happy to be home, and soon I will get to go swimming! 

Love Malia