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Beach, family, and doctors!

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

The month of February has flown by us. I have had my ups and downs. I have been pretty good.I was able to go to the beach three times this month which is a miracle for us! My main gripes are that my reflux has really been bothering me, and I have been having time seizures daily.

On a good note my beach excursions were so much fun. One day me, Luisa, mom and Maria Jose went to the beach to look for coconuts for me. Coconut milk is so good for me and has many additonal benefits! It helps with my seizures as well and helps in fattening me up!!The beach was crystal clear blue. It was a beautiful morning we all went for a stroll and I slept most of the time but love the sound of the waves and the wind in my hair.

The following trip we went to the beach and celebrated my granny’s birthday! It was so much fun! Karen, George, Bob, Paula,mom, dad, Luisa and Maria Jose all went! It was an all day affair! We brought the grill and a granny’s birthday cake! Even though I got the hiccups for over an hour I still had a blast. It was a very relaxing day and a good time was had by all.

My therapies have been going well even though MariaJose is unable to work me to my full potential. She can’t lay me down as my reflux is so bad. She works with me sitting up and I have now conquered sitting in the rocking chair by myself with pillows. My mom says all I need is my remote control! 🙂

Last week we went to San Jose. My mom and dad needed to do some shopping and I needed to go see the Gastrologist. We have to do something about this reflux. It is making me miserable and it takes my parents and Maria Jose 3.5 hours to feed me 8 ounces of food. Life can be so unfair sometimes. Somedays I truly don’t understand why this all happened??? I guess it is not my place to ask.
Love Malia