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Influenza Type 2 was the culprit!

Monday, May 28th, 2012

We found out through a sample taken from my nose that I do not have a bacterial infection but a viral infection. I have the flu! Hmm… Where would I get the flu? Well here of course at this hospital, this is the theory my mom and dad have. No one has been sick in my home and I am not around other kids but I am here at this hospital a lot! Surely the last time I was in here I probably picked it up. 🙁

The week that I have been in CIMA has been a long one. My parents have had to cut my food back by half the amount as every time I eat too much I get terrible phlegm and have to be sucked out. The first night at the hospital Rebecca the RT that night had to suction me many times until my nose was bleeding. My mom and dad took turns holding my head for her so that I would not move. It is a terrible thing to go through. Even though it is the best thing for me it is an awful procedure for everyone involved. The object is to have my lungs clear and not leave any phlegm in them. Pretty much the rest of the week I was having to be suctioned. I am not very happy here. I know where I am. I don’t like these bright lights, nor the people wearing white jackets, and I am oh so tired of being here. I am anxious and not comfortable. I am crying much and obviously not feeling well. Thankfully I have not had a high fever and although I am on oxygen I am requiring very little.

By Friday, I was off the O2 and breathing on my own. I am still receiving respiratory therapy but not having to be aspirated as much. My salivation has increased for some reason and I am not doing so well in swallowing it. I have been having seizures again as well. I was supposedly going to be released by Saturday but my increasing irritability, and seizures have the doctor thinking I should stay over the weekend. We are retesting my blood to rule out any new infection.

By Monday it was time for me to get outta here. Mom does not feel 100% comfortable going back to Delicias so we are going to stay a few days at Irene’s house in Escazu. She has a lovely home and her parents and family are so nice to me. They spoil me rotten. Lourdes,(Irene’s mom is giving up her room to us.)Mom tried to say no but she would not have any of that! You know I never thought that I would find someone who would love me and treat me so kind after Sofia. God works in mysterious ways. He put Irene in our lives another angel placed on earth to play a major part in my life. I feel so blessed that we found her. The nicest thing is how her family has totally open their arms out to me and taken us in! They are truly wonderful people.
Mom really likes having Lourdes around. She has 4 grown kids and has been around the block to say the least and mom always is asking her questions and opinions.

The first two nights I did not sleep at all. One night I screamed and cried until 430am. That night mom called in Dona Lourdes, she suggested a hot water bottle and to turn me on my tummy and stretch me out over my mom’s legs. The water bottle really helped and I finally fell asleep laying over mom’s legs for a good hour. As it turns out, once again my stomach is completely fried after all those antibiotics. I am in pain and my tummy is killing me right now. Dr. Luna paid a house call two times to Irene’s house. My seizures were acting up again so he came by to see me. I still have not slept at all. This went on for two days and by Wednesday I ended up sleeping the entire day. If all goes well, we are planning on headed home tomorrow. 🙂

I actually slept throughout the night, my blood work came back fine, so it looks like another case of tummy gone bad! A bad tummy for me is always worse than a cold of flu! Hope my tummy feels better soon. We left at noon to catch the 2pm ferry. We are all very ready to come home. Dad is so happy we are coming home. We cant wait to see him either. At the moment all is well, hopefully we can stay home for awhile now!
Love Malia

Pnuemonia # 3 :(

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

April 23rd
You are not going to believe this story. We arrived home from San Jose on Wednesday. (Remember we had just spent ten days there recuperating from another urinary tract infection.) We had a good rest of the week. I had good workouts with Irene and on Sunday our friend’s Piti y Miguel called us up and invited us over for a day of swimming, food, and fun.They told my parents we deserved a day of being spoiled and we all thought it was a grand idea! It was a beautiful day and the sun was out shining. We got there early so that I could go swimming and dad and Miguel were smoking fish in Miguel’s smoker chimney. It was an experiment the two of them had been talking about for a long time.

Mom and Irene got me ready for the pool and we went in for a dip. Once I was in the pool all of a sudden I started to sound real phlegmy. Mom did not like the sound or feel of my lungs and got me out of the pool. We did a little respiratory therapy and I was fine and went on to have lunch. The rest of the day went fine. I never took a nap though and I had been up since 6am and I normally always have a nap. We stayed till sunset. When we arrived home mom gave me some more therapy I gave a good cough and my lungs were clear. All seemed well.

That night at around 10pm I began to get fussy and started to have a seizure. It would not stop so mom and dad brought out the diazepam. Normally the valium works but this time it did not. An hour later mom called Dra. Castro and said that I had not stopped seizing. She told mom to give me another dose of diazepam. It did not stop the seizure. By this time it is midnight and mom calls my neurologist at home on a Sunday and if you can believe it he answered the phone. After mom explained to him what is going on he says that it would be better to give me a double dose of Valium but intramuscular. Well mom was not sure how to give an intramuscular shot nor dad so she called Irene. (Irene lives behind our house) It turns out that Irene knows how to give an Intramuscular shot. Now mom and her are searching for the right size syringe. It is close to 2am now. My body just keeps jerking around. I am very uncomfortable. They way I am moving is like I have ants in my pants. It is not my typical type of seizure but then I have been having different types of seizure these days and everyone agrees they think this is a seizure. It is hard for my parents to be doctors out in the jungle. They trust very much their gut instinct.

Irene is ready with syringe in hand. They all looked at each other and agreed that we were going to take the doctors order and give me the double dose. My parents are worried about giving me another dose of valium. It can depress my respiratory system as it has once before. Deep breath……………. then bam Irene gave me the shot and I did not even wince. Something else is bothering me greatly. I wish I could tell them that in reality this is not a seizure that something else is wrong with me. After the injection of valium you would think that I would be sleepy, that I would stop moving, that with the now four doses of valium that I would totally be knocked out! Well guess what? It did not phase me not even for a second.

It is 3:30am, mom is now on the phone with the insurance company to see if we could get an air ambulance to come and pick me up. The last time we had to pay for my airplane ride into San Jose it cost $5,000. Mom wanted to make sure the insurance company would pick up the bill this time. After many different discussions with the insurance company we now have to have a doctor from out here come and evaluate me and make sure whether or not it is true that I need to be flighted into San Jose. The ambulance driver and doctor arrived at the house at 5am. The doctor looked at me and I was still thrashing on the bed. He had no problems signing the form needed for the insurance company. At this time mom and dad have packed everything up and we are on our way to the Tambor airport.(a rural run way strip that the plane takes off over the ocean) The plane was to be there at 6:30 am to pick me up. We arrived at 6:15. There was no plane at 6:30 nor 6:45 am. Mom calls the insurance company again and they ask her why she has not faxed over the form that doctor signed at my house at 5am. Mom says what??? Are you kidding me? Do you think we have an office depot out here that I can just run and fax to you? Cant we do the paper work at the hospital? This is am emergency! She says “Where is the plane”? Well it had not left yet and did not leave until almost 8am. Once the plane arrived and we were in the air we were in San Jose in 17 minutes. It was a fast plane. I am strapped to a gurney and not happy about that and continue to thrash around. Mom is still fuming about how long it took to get me my airplane!

We arrived by ambulance to CIMA emergency at 9:15 am. My parents are looking at each other in disbelief that we are here again and so soon. It has only been 4 days since I left this place. There was a new emergency room doctor that we did not know but Dra. Castro my ped had called her to let her know what tests to run on me. It was the usual blood tests and urine tests but since I had been crying so much I sounded really junky in my lungs so they took an xray of my lungs as well. The blood and urine test came back fine but the xray showed infiltrates in my right lung. This means pneumonia. Dr. Zuniga the ER doc we know arrived and came back to tell us I had broncho pneumonia. Mom and dad are just staring at him in disbelief. Looks like I am getting admitted to CIMA again. Dr. Zuniga also looked at me and said that what I was doing was not a seizure but Extrapyramidal Symptoms. It is neuro related and basically a feeling of motor restlessness probably brought on by me being ill. Thank goodness it is not a seizure. My parents thought I was in status epilepticus again where my body is in a constant state of seizing and all kinds of damage can be going on.

Dra. Castro arrives to emergency. My parents tell her that I have not slept for 32 hours straight. I am still very uncomfortable. Dr. Castro tells my mom to give me a little chloral hydrate. Mom gives me 2.5 cc thinking four doses of Valium have not phased me maybe this will work. She gives me the Choral Hydrate, and within seconds my O2 is plummeting. I was already hooked up to the O2 at the hospital but my O2 continues to drop 95,90,85,80,75 then I hear my mom yelling for the doctor. She and dad are having flash backs to when this happened to be and I ended up being on a ventilator and in ICU for six weeks. The Dr. comes in and puts a face mask on me of O2 and slowly but surely my O2 begins to rise. The Chloral Hydrate diminished my breathing big time! I am however finally asleep after now 36 hours of no sleeping!

The doctor in ER decides to send Yeudi the respiratory therapist in to give me some therapy on my lungs. Before even working on me he sticks a hose into my nose and into my lung and pulls out some gunk to send off to the lab to see if my pneumonia is bacterial. That really hurt and guess what? So much for sleeping I woke up with a hose in my nose and began to scream again. Mom and dad are not happy and neither am I! It is taking forever for us to get admitted upstairs and into a room. Finally by 1pm we got into a room and I was able to rest a bit. Dra. Castro says I will be in for the week. How depressing! 🙁

Love, Malia

Me and Uncle Blaine

Monday, May 21st, 2012

Me and My Cuz’s

Sunday, May 20th, 2012

Love you Ethan and Gavin!

Happy Easter!

Sunday, May 20th, 2012

Wiped out!

Sunday, May 20th, 2012

We had fun!

Sunday, May 20th, 2012

Trying some of the chocolate!

Sunday, May 20th, 2012

I won the Easter hunt!

Sunday, May 20th, 2012

Look at all my eggs!

Fits my hand perfect!

Sunday, May 20th, 2012

This is fun!