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Tuesday, February 21st, 2017

I am so blessed to have both my grandmother’s! Granny that’s my mom’s mother was the first in line to come down to visit me! She stayed here a month and we had much fun together. She likes to read me books and help Natalia with my therapies. We had so fun adventures and we went to the beach a few times, swam together, and went to Miguel’s one afternoon. A few days after Granny came Grandma Marg flew down from Canada and she is here with us now!

Grandma Marg is the known baker of the family! The first thing we did was make Valentine cookies with Genesis for Valentine’s day and today we are making her most famous cinnamon buns! I always like to help be a part of making these yummy treats! Even though I don’t actually eat them it is fun to make them with grandma! We have had fun with grandma too! She as well reads to me all the time, and almost every night she feeds me my supper!

So blessed to have so wonderful strong women in my life.
Malia xoxo