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Headed Home!

Saturday, November 24th, 2012

October 26th 2012

Thankfully we did not have to leave for home right after the benefit. I was able to recuperate three days at Uncle George’s house. There is no way I could have flown after our road trip to Dallas. I actually slept two days straight. I had so much I needed to catch up on sleepwise! I am having to eat very very slowly as to avoid having to much reflux and thankfully I have not had to be aspirated since the day we arrived to Dallas.

The day before our flight a cold front blew in and dropped the tempatures by 25 degrees! It was quite chilly the day we left. My parents had me bundled up like an eskimo! We had to hire our own private van to take us to the airport with all our luggage! I am going home now with my stroller and my wheelchair and a huge box that carries my the second base of my wheelchair! We are loaded down! Once arriving to the airport the flight was delayed by 45 minutes. I was doing okay until about an hour into the trip and when mom had to start feeding me. Mom put me on O2. I was doing okay though. When we landed the pilot stated that he had some news for us. He said we were not in San Jose but Liberia. Liberia is another small airport outside of San Jose. He said the weather was bad in San Jose and that we had landed here to wait it out and fill up with some gas. My parents were concerned because Diego our good friend and Guierllmo our mechanic who had our car had come to pick us up in two cars. We quickly called and at least Guierllmo was able to leave our car at the airport for us. Two hours later after sitting on the tarmac, me on my last battery of oxygen and a woman four rows behind us coughing up a lung the pilot finally came on to say we were leaving for San Jose. We landed at 11:30pm, four hours later than we were suppose to arrive. Arturo another friend and a taxi driver came to airport to help us with all our luggage and then we proceeded to go to Turrucares to where we were staying the night. It was 1am by the time I got my jammies on and into bed.

The following day I slept practically the entire day and my parents did not do much of anything either. We were all exhausted. On Sunday we went to CIMA and drew my blood and on Monday we headed to Delicias. What a long trip. I am so very happy to be going home. It was fun to see my family and friends in Texas but it was exhausting and this trip was the hardest one for me yet. Not sure what was making me so uncomfortable while in Texas, maybe I have allergies. All I know is that I am so so happy we are almost home.
Love Malia

Austin to Dallas

Saturday, November 24th, 2012

October 21, 2012
The day after the benefit I did not have such a great day. The antibiotics I am on for this current UTI are messing with my stomach. I have cramps and gas in my tummy and am having problems going potty. I am also full of phelgm as I am having reflux so bad. At least I felt good for my party. I am not able to sleep either. It is going on three days that I have not had a proper sleep. My mom and dad did not get to bed with me until 5am Sunday morning as I was having to have respiratory therapy at 2:00 and 3:00 am. So Sunday was a tough day on everyone. Irene helped soothe me in the morning and mom and dad tried to catch a little shut eye. Basically Sunday was not the greatest day and we are headed to Dallas tomorrow.

On Monday we took off at noon to head to Dallas where we will be staying with Uncle George and Grace. Irene was giving me lunch in the back seat and immediately after I began to eat I began to reflux. They put me on O2 and by the time I arrived Dallas my heart rate was skyrocketing, I was breathing way too fast, and I was on 3 liters of oxygen. Mom and dad got all the equipment out and we started therapy. This went on for hours and this was the first time that my parents thought we would have to go to the emergency room. My phelgm came coming back over and over again. Finally it began to subside. At midnight Uncle George came upstairs and mom and dad both had the we are exhausted crazy look in their eyes and I was stll wide awake and fussing. Four days with no sleep would make anyone grumpy! Uncle G decided we needed a change of scenery and told my mom lets go for a stroll. So out the door we went at midnight strolling me around with my oxygen machine and not so great attitude. Scout (the dog) came along for moral support.

The stroll really did not put me to sleep but I did calm down. After we got back to the house they took me upstairs. Dad had fallen asleep on the couch. Uncle George patted me until I finally fell asleep holding his finger. I was so exhausted from crying and just not feeling well. Hopefully I can get some much needed rest.
Love Malia

Me and Grandma!

Saturday, November 24th, 2012

Madeline and Me

Saturday, November 24th, 2012

Thanks for coming to visit me!