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Friday, June 30th, 2017

June 17th 2017

Today I turned 9 years old! We are having a super hero themed birthday party for me and my dad! We decided it would be pretty easy for me to dress for my party! I did not have to pick a super hero to pretend to be since I already am one! So we decided the letter M would be theme for the day and I wore my super hero shirt with my M on it and a cape! We had so much fun that day! I was in good spirits although when MJ was getting me dressed for the day I had a small grand mal. I haven’t had one in such a long time and probably was just letting out some much needed energy before my big party!

The best surprise I had for my party was seeing the costumes of Natalia, Maria Jose, and Irene! You know how batman needs a robin well I had three of them! As a matter of fact the girls had t-shirts made that said Malia’s three little birds! I was pampered all day by three of them! A girl could not get enough attention that day!! Many people came in costumes! The fact that so many people came to celebrate me and my dad made me so happy! We actually had nice weather that day as it had been raining for weeks! It only a rained a little bit and then the sun actually came out and shined for a bit!!!

Natalia had a bunch of fun games planned! One was sack races, and Natalia and MJ actually put me in one of the sacks and hopped me along! They are crazy and never wanting to leave me out of the fun! I did have a crazy look on my face that said what are you doing to me???? ha ha!

The cake my mom made was awesome! A big letter M, and Naty made me a huge piñata made into the letter M. My dad helped me hit the piñata and we did really good together as a team! The candy was on the floor in no time! Everyone gathered around and sang us happy birthday and there were so many gifts to open that we waited until the following day to open them all so I could enjoy every moment! So grateful to have so many that love me! Cant believe next year I will be 10! Just taking it one day at a time though and I am very happy to have this birthday and to celebrate my life and my dad!
Love Malia

June 1-15

Saturday, June 24th, 2017

June 1 2017
Overall I am recovering nicely from the SIBO. My seizures are less, I am sleeping again and gaining weight and energy. I am not sure if I told you that I had to put back in Sabril, the seizure medication I weaned off of back in January. It turns out that in conjunction with Keppra and my two oils the Sabirl really does help with my seizure control. Since putting it back in to daily routine my seizures are back under control and I am not having them as intensely as before. We tried. My mom and dad wanted to give it a shot to see if we could get rid of the Sabril, but my body told them for me that it is better to keep it in! In reality only having to take two pharmaceutical seizure medications is pretty good for a kid like me!

Aunty Kathy came to see me on the 7th! I am always so happy to see her! She always reads books to me and talks to me and brings me all kinds of cool gadgets to help me think more! It is very special to spend this time with her!

Natalia went to San Jose for a week on the 12th for a course that she is taking in San Jose. Tziru and Maria Jose came to take care of me while Naty was away. Tziru came that Monday and it was so great to see her. She has such a sweet spirit! She is my yoga instructor. She is always talking to me and reading me books when we are not stretching and doing yoga! On Wednesday, MJ arrived. We had the best time together we are definitely two peas in a pod. We did lots of cuddling and working out! My birthday is June 17th and my dad’s is on the 15th! I am so excited. It is going to be a great weeo my birthday party! I will be nine years old! Dad and I are having our annual duo birthday party! Cant wait!
Love Malia