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Ire’s Wedding <3

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

Last weekend we loaded up and headed to San Jose. We were invited to attend Irene Morales’s wedding. Irene was one of my physical therapist and is a good friend of mine. She just was here celebrating my birthday with me. Irene is very special and dear to me. The year she worked with us was a hard year for all of us as I was in and out of the hospital many times. Irene had her baby boy Gabrielle and left us to move back to San Jose to be with her now husband. Irene left me in great hands as she reccommended Maria Jose to come and work with us. We have always kept in touch and remain great friends.

It was such an honor to attend her wedding. Her family is like my family. They love me so much and have always been there for us. It was a beautiful day and Irene was a gorgeous bride. We all had so much fun together! I even got in a dance or two with Maria Jose. Wishing Irene and Javier all the love and happiness there is to be had! The three of three of them deserve only the best!
Love Malia

7 Years Old!!!!

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

June 17th 2015
Today I turned 7 years old. Time is definitely flying and I am stronger each year. Each year my mom throws my day and I a birthday party. It always has a theme and this year it was a Hawaiian Luau! We had grass skirts and hawaiian leis! My dear friends Piti and Miguel made a homemade Lei out of tropical Plumeria flowers for me and it smelled wonderful and was gorgeous! Many friends arrived around 60 people showed up. We had many events lined up, a pinata, limbo, sack races, and my annual special concert from friends Sarah and Rachid. They played the Chelo and Violin for me and it was just beautiful..

The cake was a beach scene and I always get to try my frosting each year. It was yummy..My dad and I blew out the candles together as we share our party together each year. Dad and I did a great job together celebrating.

Another year with my family and friends. I feel so blessed. I lost a good friend last month she was only 4 years old. She had Liss/MDS like me. I do feel blessed to be here and to be strong and healthy.Not all my Liss friends have been so lucky. I am looking forward to celebrating many more birthdays. Thanks for all of you who came and for all the gifts. My dad and I had a great time, and thanks to mom for throwing such a great party for us!