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Texas here we come!

Monday, September 19th, 2011

September 8th 2011

We left for the airport at  6:3o am.  I started my breakfast at 4am so that mom and dad would not have to worry with feeding me at the airport and only have to give me my medications at 8am. Our flight left at 9:30am. The first person we encounter at the airport is a man who is checking our passports and luggage and he was terribly sick. He kept sneezing and blowing his nose! My parents would not let me come near him and asked if we could go to someone else! I have a surgical mask on right now as mom and dad are being extra careful with me. Once we have gone through security we find out that we have to board a bus and then climb a flight of stairs to get to the airplane. Kinda crazy in this day and age! We have sooooooo much stuff. My poor dad is loaded down like a Sherpa but we manage and get on the plane and I did awesome during the flight. Mom was worried about my oxygen levels on take off and landing and I had no problems whatsoever and stayed awake during the entire flight. It was not bad at all! We had a great flight and arrived Dallas on time.

My Uncle George was not able to pick us up at the airport and as a big surprise he sent us a limousine! How fancy is that??? It was very  nice and the ride into Dallas was a breeze! We picked up Gracie from school and she was so happy to see us! Aunt Janet came over and hung out with us until Uncle George came home from work. I was so happy to see Scout their puppy dog as well!

I did not go to bed that night until 2am. I knew I was in a different place and was missing my bed. By day three of our stay with George I was finally back to sleeping on my early schedule!

We have had a great day in traveling, and we are looking forward to the rest of our trip and seeing everyone!

Love Malia

August 29th -September 6th

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

I started off my week pretty good. I usually am not the most active on Mondays but Sofia keeps me motivated and makes me work through my sleepiness! I did well all week during work out except on Thursday I had a small seizure. I was not feeling a 100 percent and then this huge thunder storm/mini hurricane blew through Delicias! The winds were so high my mom thought the roof of our nursery would blow off! Sofia had given me respiratory therapy and my O2 was not the greatest so they put me on oxygen for the night! The next morning I was not feeling so well and so my parents decided it was better safe than sorry and we decided to go into San Jose one week early before my big flight to Texas.

Sofia’s boyfriend had come in on Thursday to spend the weekend with her but since my dad had alot of work to do  my mom asked Sofia to come in with us the following day. At noon Sofia, Johnny, me and mom loaded up and headed into San Jose! Due to all the rain there was a huge landslide on the main highway into San Jose and we had to wait on the road for over an hour before we were able to move again.

We arrived to CIMA at 6pm. The first thing we did was take my  blood, then catheterize me to test for a urinary tract infection, and then off for an xray of my lungs. My blood test came back fine and my lungs were looking pretty good now all we had to do was wait three days to see if I had any  bacteria growing in my urine. We left the hospital at 8:30 pm and got to the hotel around 9.  I was exhausted but did not sleep very well. I never do well in a  different bed!

Sofia and Johnny left back to their home on Saturday and mom and me hung out for the weekend. On Sunday morning I had a pretty big seizure one that lasted over ten minutes so my mom had to administer Valium to me rectally in order to get my seizure to stop. My seizure began early that morning around   7am and mom was very nervous having to give me valium. She immediately hooked me up on the spare oxygen tank we have and then called Linda, our good friend and PT of mine since I was one month old. She came over to be with mom and me and I was managing well with my O2 stats. I slept for a little while and Linda kept asking my mom if she was sure she had given me Valium as after I woke up Linda worked out with me on the hotel bed while my mom took a shower. The rest of the day went fine and I had no more seizures.

On Monday mom was calling the lab to find out about my urine culture and the news was that everything was clear. My mom called my neuro and explained that I was fine and there was no infection brewing in me so he decided that we just wait until I come home and monitor my seizures before changing my seizure medications.

My dad came in on Tuesday, and we were so happy to see him. Sofia continued to come everyday to help my mom and work out with me. We are leaving for Texas early Thursday morning.  I am looking forward to seeing all my family and friends and we are all hoping that my seizures stay at bay while we are travelling.

Love Malia