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Cowgirl Malia!

Sunday, April 19th, 2015

This week hasnt been my best week. I have had a bit of a cough, seizure increase, and sleeping a ton!!!! I have slept so much this week and I think I may have a little cold. I have worked a bit with Maria Jose, but she ha been giving me a break from workng out. I did not go to school this week as my mom thinks it is better to stay home and regain my strength! I did not ride Conejo either, Don Papillo my friend brought me Conejo to ride on Thursday but we all decided I was to tired to go for my normal 30 minute ride! After Papillo left we noticed there was another horse inside the property! It was not one of Papillo’s horses so we knew we had to get the horse out of our property because horses like to eat plants!!!

My dogs Selva and Indio did not like the idea of the horse being on the property as well and began to bark and act crazy towards the horse. MOm knew that there would be no easy way to get the horse out with Selva and Indio behaving badly! Plus they could easily get kicked and my two dogs are old timers!!! So Mom told me and MJ to go and make sure ther horse did not go any further into the property. So me and Maria headed up the back and when mom came back from locking up the dogs me and Mj were hot on the horses trail. MJ was running and pushing behind the horse mom came in on the side running as well and we got him out with the help of a banana too! It was the most excitement I had all week!! Too bad we didnt have a camera. It was comical to see all three of us girls out there chasing the horse out of the property! 🙂

Love Malia xoxo

Easter fun!

Saturday, April 11th, 2015

Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 11th, 2015

Easter is always fun for me as each year me and my friends get together and paint eggs! This was our 3rd year to do it! We had much fun and everyone had a good time together! I missed having my dad there! Mom did too! In Costa Rica Easter week is very important and many buisnesses close for the week. After everyone went home Auntie Krystal stayed the night and we had our own lil pajama party! She left the next morning to pick up my friends, Jazz and Valentino! They were going to head back home on Thursday to beat all the crazy traffic. Mom and I were solo for four days after that! We did lots of watering and strolls together.

On Easter Sunday mom and I went to the Pardo’s for lunch. It was a lovely afternoon. Their kids Rachid and Sarah played their bass violin and violin for me! I had my own private mini concert. It was awesome! I so enjoyed listening to them play! Hope everyone had a great Easter!
Mucho amor,