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Saturday, December 31st, 2016

December 1st 2016

After we donated the chairs to the children’s hospital we were invited to attend the annual lighting of the Hospital’s Christmas tree! This tradition of the hospital has been going on for years and hundreds of people attend each year! They have music and many disney characters and of course Mr and Mrs Claus were there. It was the first time for me to see MR. & MRS. Claus!! Santa only wears flip flops out here at the beach and I have never had the opportunity to take a picture with him! It was so much fun and they were so sweet to me! I had my picture taken with a big red squirrel, I didn’t quite know what to think about him! I sure did like the lighting of the tree! I have never seen so many lights! It was beautiful. We have decided that we are going to make December 1st an annual tradition for us to go to the lighting of the tree! We had a wonderful time and it was an awesome day!

The same day of the Children’s Hospital Event, we were called by a reporter that my parents had interviewed with in the past. It was the first time in almost three years that we had seen him. He asked if he could interview us again to see how I was progressing with my seizures and the use of the oil. We of course told him yes and he came to the hotel! Below is the interview of all three of us. He was quite impressed with me. He noted that I was more alert and attentive and kicking my feet around. We are praying that in January of 2017 medicinal cannabis will be passed here.

Happy Holidays everyone,
Love Malia

A happy day!

Sunday, December 11th, 2016

The Chairs!

Sunday, December 11th, 2016

The Old Chairs!

The new comfy ones!

The Gift of Giving

Sunday, December 11th, 2016

Yesterday MaliaMoore.Org realized a dream and donated six beautiful handmade chairs and one sofá to the Children’s Hospital in San Jose. also donated a respiartory vibrator. When I was in Children’s they only had one respritory vibrator in the entire hospital. Every time the therapists came to work on me they did not have the vibrator. My parents went out and bought one for me so that when the respiratory therapists came I would have this therapy. These theraputic vibrators assist breaking down phlegm in the lungs and is very important when children are trying to breath independant from the ventilators. Dr. Chavarria, the head of the Respiratory Dept,was very happy to receive another one today as he told us the one they were using had just broken.

Six years ago in December 2010 I contracted an infection which later entered into my bloodstream causing sepsis. I spent six weeks intubated in intensive care at the Children’s Hospital and once out of ICU I spent another 25 days at Hospital CIMA.

After the third week in ICU the doctors, pallative care team, and priest came to talk to my parents about the possibility of me not surviving, I was very sick but I had not lost the strength and determination to live!

Children’s is a publicallly funded hospital and they have strict rules about family visitation especially in ICU. My parents were not allowed to visit me at the same time only one parent in the room. On New Year’s Eve, they did let my dad and mom sit next to my bed and watch the fireworks from the hospital window since it was a special occasion.

The seats outside of ICU were hard plastic chairs and very uncomfortable. Many a night my parents shared hugs and stories with other parents out there. The parents suffer too and my parents have always wanted to donate comfortable chairs for the parents who sit outside waiting to hear news of their children. We were able to make that wish come true. My mom and dad organized for the chairs to be made and on December 1st we donated the chairs. It had been six years since I had been back inside that hospital. The director of ICU, nurses, and doctors came to thank us and see me. Nobody could believe how big I am. It felt really good to give.

Christmas is the time for giving. I hope that the donation brings some comfort to the parents sitting outside of ICU. Who knows maybe children’s lives might be saved by using the vibrator to help get their lungs clear. Our donation would not have been possible without the help from all of you. Thank you all and Happy Holidays!
Love Malia