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Sunday, August 31st, 2014

Working hard!

Sunday, August 31st, 2014


Sunday, August 31st, 2014

August has been a busy month. I am still recovering from the “procedure” in July. When I got back from San Jose me and mom both had a bit of a cold. We managed to knock it pretty quick. I think I handled mine better than mom!! Ha! Back in July, a dear friend of ours Janet Mitchell, also my MC at my benefit each year had planned to come visit us for the first time! My mom ended up calling her and telling her it would be a good time as I was not doing so hot and were having so many poop problems! So Jan Jan, changed her ticket for August 3rd. The day before Janet arrived my mom did not feel so hot. She had a temperature and Monday morning hours before Janet arrived mom went to the clinic to have her blood drawn. Turns out Mom has DENGUE! ohhhh no!! We have heard horror stories about this Mosquito Virus and now my mom has it! Mom had been showing properties in St. Teresa where the majority of cases are and looks like one got her!! So for the next ten days mom was wiped out with crazy high fevers and I was not really happy about this and was giving some hell to everyone during the week Janet was here. Needless to say, mom and Janet did not get to do much together as mom was always in the bed moaning! 🙁 I myself am having an off week. I am not sleeping at night, crying, not doing well with the poop either. Not a good week for all a matter of fact we are heading into the big city to do some blood work, see my dentist, and a visit my Gastro’s office to talk about well yes you know the word…… POOP!

On Monday August 11th, we arrived to SJO and went to CIMA took my blood (digna did an okay job) my favorite blood sucker does not work there anymore but Digna managed after 3 tries. We also have another xray planned just to make sure I am backed up as I had such a bad week at home.The dentist appointment went great, I dont mind Simon sticking his hands in my mouth anymore. I actually was quite laid back about it all! Good report no cavities! The Gastro appointment went well too. Dra. Jiminez upped my dosage of Miralax and said we had to keep things moving. All in all it was a good trip. We headed home on Wednesday and I am feeling better overall. MJ stayed behind for the weekend so we wont be seeing her until Monday!

On Friday, I have a new girl that comes to play with me. Her name is Kayleanna, she is the daughter of Joe Callahan a good friend of my parents. My mom has known Joe since she was 19. She is really sweet and feeds me lunch and MJ showed her how to stretch me and do things with me! She helped me make a birthday card for my good friend Shadi! Shadi and her parents are coming over in the afternoon to go swimming with me. Me and Shadi had fun in the pool together. Shadi was pulling me around and we had fun swimming. I wasn’t able to make Shadi’s birthday party as mom was sick so we celebrated here with cupcakes, gifts, and my card! I love Shadi. She is a good friend and includes me in with her friends and that makes me feel really special. Her mom Tiani, is great too! She always pays attention to me! She is forever talking to me and holidng my hand we play a bit together me and Tiani! That night she did a little reki with me and I liked it. I feel very comfortable around her! 🙂

Amazing enough even with all the products I am taking to help me go potty better I am still having issues and that sometimes makes me just wanna cry alot! However I am doing exceptionally well in therapy. Maria Jose says I have reached a whole different level in therapy!! I am doing really well standing, sitting, and expressing myself!! 🙂 Matter of fact the therapy helps me go!!! It may just take me a while to get back to normal. All in all things are better just hoping to turn better into great! Soon we will be headed to Texas for my 6th annual benefit!! Can you believe it??? I am 6 years old!!! I am getting excited about being able to see all my family and friends!
Love Malia