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Exciting News!

Tuesday, October 13th, 2020

My therapist Laura, who has been working with me for almost a year told us last week that she is expecting a baby! Her and her partner Erick, are very excited about the news and so we are we! I will be sad to see Laura go (we all will) but we are very very happy for her and her new exciting adventure! I told Laura the other day, at least she has had a great experience now in changing diapers and when her baby comes along she will be a pro! Laura and I have a great time together and we have made great strides in my therapy.

During the time that Laura was on vacation in September, a former girl that we had hired Cynthia got in touch with my mom. Cynthia was going to be my therapist after Roxanne. She had accepted the job but then her father became ill and she could not come work for us. Almost a year and half later she reached out to mom and offered to help out during holidays and vacations when Laura would not be here. It turned out that when she texted my mother it was the same time Laura was getting ready to leave for two weeks. Mom had Cynthia take a Covid test and then she came on out to work with me. She wore a mask and face shield as well during Covid we have to be extra safe and careful with me! Cynthia worked ten days with me and we got along well. She said she was still interested in being my therapist. After Laura’s news, we asked Cynthia if she would like to come to work for us and she said yes. It all worked out for a reason and God played a big hand in having Cynthia come back in our lives. I feel very very blessed. One for getting to spend time to know and love Laura and also to have the opportunity to get to know and love Cynthia. God is good. Our family is blessed and I am just so grateful for all the love and support for all of you. Our family wants to wish the very best to Laura, and we can’t wait to meet her new baby someday! Laura will stay with us another month and then head back to San Jose.
Love Malia

Me and my Dad

Tuesday, October 13th, 2020

My daddy pushed me the entire 5K! Whew we were both tired!