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Happy Easter!

Thursday, March 31st, 2016

Easter time.. Always a time to reflect for what God has in store for us. Hope, Heaven, Jesus, renewal of faith. There are many times I know my parents struggle with the why, what for, not fair, unjust things that happen to me. I hear them talking, I know they are scared at times and angry at times for all that I go through. BUT, I also know they BELIEVE for without belief and faith what would there be? There have been so many times that I have been so close to moving on from this world, but God has a plan for me, and my parents. There really is no need to question why? I am a pure soul, an angel from heaven and hoping to show you all just a little glimpse of what it means to truly love. In the time that I have here on earth I hope I open your eyes and your heart to see how we are all one and the same. How even though I may not talk I understand what you say. I speak with my eyes, I hear you, I love life. I am happy and what means more to me is when you talk to me, look at me, and try to understand me.

A few weeks ago another sweet angel was lost to the heavens. Cyndimae had Dravet Syndrome and struggled with seizures all her life. Her mother Susan, fought tooth and nail for her daughter to receive medicinal cannabis. She passed on March 13th in her daddy’s arms a seizure took her life. It is times like this that we can all question as to why but only God has that answer. She was a beautiful soul and although I did not know her personally I know we are kindred spirits. You sweet smile will be missed down here.

Happy Easter, it truly as a day to appreciate the sacrifice God made when he let HIS only son die for us.
Love Malia