Mi Cumpleanos!

My dad and I had a great birthday bash together this year! I turned 11 years old on June 17th! We had such a great time and our theme this year was Pirates and mermaids! Almost everyone this year dressed up! I overall had a pretty good day.. A few seizures got in the way right before the big treasure hunt, but I managed to shake it off and particpate. The hunt took alot of preparation and planning. Roxy and my dad worked very hard on it. There were maps to be made, empty glass bottles to be filled with hints, and of curse the hiding of the treasure. Genesis Ella and Gabriella were on my team. We had alot of ground to cover to find the treasure.. During the hunt one of the hints were to find two presents and give to me. My team was showing me the map and hints and then off we would go to find another one. We finally made our way back to the house and Genesis found the hidden treasure by the pool! :) Inside were lots of gems, golden chocolate candies, mermaid key rings and tatoos! Roxy had made every single gift bag with cutout glittery sea shells that she drew and cut up! She is so talented! I love my Roxy. After the hunt we had to bust open the pinata, dad helped me swing the bat and I did good job hitting it! Ella had the final hit and broke the pinata open and out fell all the candy onto the ground.

Our dear friends Andy, Krystal, and Diego came to celebrate and helped all weekend with the preparations. They were such troopers my mom was doing a good job of bossing everyone around! Ha ha! Hoping this year is going to be one of my best years ever as I know as soon as I get the VNS surgery I am going to get better control of my seizures.

Love Malia xoxo

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