New girl

We picked Roxy’s replacement. She started June 10th, Roxy would be training her all week and then Sunday was my big birthday party! For the most she did pretty good with me. She had no real experience in physcial therapy but my parents and I decided that if she was willing and had the desire to learn she would grow and gain her experience with me.

The following week when she was on her own was when things did not really go so well. She did not seem to obtain information from her week of training with Roxy. She did not talk to me the way the other girls did. I did not feel very comfortable with her. In short, she lasted three days. We are very grateful and blessed that we realized sooner than later that she and I were not a good fit. She left back for San Jose on Thursday. Mom had called Roxy earlier in the week and asked her to please come back and she said YES. It’s so good to have Miss Roxy back! She and I are a great team together. In my 11 years this is the first time a new girl has not made the cut. Roxy is so kind and sweet and is willing to stay on with us until the end of year and we are all very happy about that!
Love Malia

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