The Sadowski Clan makes it to CR!

July 17th, 2016

Eight years ago, my mom’s best friend Holly purchased a home in Costa Rica not too far away from where we live now. At that time Ella and I were still in our mommy’s tummy….. Ella was born August 8th not long after me and after her birth and life being crazy busy the Sadowski’s did not come down to their home until now. We are so EXCITED TO SEE THEM!!! Thankfully I get to see them each year at my benefit in Texas but it is so exciting to be able to show them around! The Sunday they arrived they came over that afternoon and my mom went with them on the canopy tour! They came back and we all had dinner together. Ella showed me how to play a card game called garbage. It was so much fun. Ella and I were on the same team and we beat mom and Holly! It was great! Ella would put the card in my hand and I would have to drop it and each time bam we were ahead! Ella said I was good luck! :)

I was so happy to have Ella here. I kept reaching out to touch her hand and smiling over at her. I have been working extra hard in therapy too. My mom says I am showing off for Ella. It seems that all of a sudden I have become stronger, bigger, slowly but surely sleeping better…. It has taken me such a long time to get to this point. My seizures have backed off as well. Life is like a roller coaster full of ups and downs and thankfully I am on the up at the moment and very happy to be able to spend this quality time with my friends.

Ella’s dad Mark, is always so sweet to me. He loves to talk to me and he also gave me a good talking to about sleeping at night! The first night they came I actually listened to him and slept great that night! It was a miracle! haha!! Holly, had a cold and she wasn’t allowed to come near me…. I know how much she wanted to cuddle me…. At the end of her trip, mom let her cuddle me with a mask on her face. She wasn’t very sick but we all know how my mom is when it comes to me catching something.

The day before the Sadowski’s left we had a party at my house with all my girlfriends so that Ella could meet them. It was so much fun, and Ella was so sweet with me. Genesis and Gabriella my two besties from here were dying to meet Ella. They made her cards and gave a small gift. It was extra special and we all had a great time! After we made our projects we put some dance music on and everyone was dancing even the mom’s! It was a great party. I feel so blessed to have so many special people in my life. It was sad to see them go but I will see them soon in Texas. Thanks for coming to see us!!! Hope you come back next year! I think Ella will make sure of that! ;)
Love Malia xoxoxo

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