Granny’s visit!

July 4th, 2016

Granny finally makes it here!! She was supposed to come for my birthday party but all of a sudden out of no where her blood pressure decided to spike to super high numbers and she had to get it under control before coming to see us. This was a first for her as she never has had high blood pressure before. So three weeks later she makes it here. The first few days started off okay…but then later in the week on a Friday night Granny felt terrible! Mom had to take her to the Cobano emergency clinic to have her heart checked and to see a doctor. The doc suggested another pill… She did but it really didnt help and the next few days my mom slept over at my granny’s while dad stayed with me because granny was scared and did not feel well. My paw paw doesn’t arrive for a few more days so my mom was taking good care of her mommy just like she takes good care of me!

I wasn’t doing so great either… Still not sleeping well at night. The sedative mom gives me to sleep doesn’t work anymore. I have become accustomed to it and sometimes I don’t sleep until 3am. My seizures have been on high so there definitely is some stress around here!

In the end, granny had to go see a cardiologist in San Jose. My cardiologist referred a good one for granny! Turns out her heart is fine and the DR. here took her off all the medicine she was taking and put her on a different one! After that granny was fixed up and feeling better in no time! We were able to enjoy the last of her trip together without fears of heart attacks or strokes thank goodness! I told granny it took her to come to Costa Rica to get cured!!! Paw Paw finally showed up and we had some good times together…
Love Malia

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