Dia de Independencia Costa Rica

September 15th 2019

Today is Costa Rica’s Independence day! We are always in Texas for my benefit this time of year so I never get to particpate in the activities! This year we did not go back to Texas, because of the increase in seizures and the surgery. We were not sure when we would be called by the hosptial and given a surgery date. I was happy to be able to be part of the day.

Roxy of course set out to make sure I had the coolest “farrol” (lantern) ever ! We made a traditional ox cart, made out of recyled products. It turned out so cute. I even had coffee and beans in my cart! Roxy also made me a beautiful blouse to wear with my skirt that MJ had sent to me. It is the typical folklore that everyone wears on Independence day. Especially the students. The day before Indepence day is when there is a parade where the kids take to the streets with their farroles and sing songs and shout out Bombas! (poems)

My dear friends, Gabriella and Genesis came over to take picutres with me as well as Irene, Luisa, Gabo and Javier! THe kids at the school began the march towards my nursery. THere we were waiting for them and particapted in the parade. We could not start at the school, as the road is not asphalted and there were too many holes in the road for my dad to try and manueveur in my wheelchair at dark! THe road in front of my house is asphalted so we were able to walk a bit of the way with kids! It was fun, and there were many beautiful lanterns. I want to give special thanks to Roxy, for helpikng me with my farrol , making my shirt, and dressing me up so beautifully on Independence Day!

Love Malia!

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