Coming Home!

September 26th,2018

Thankfully after taking the antibiotic that mom brought for my SIBO flare up I began to feel better. I was able to relax and sleep a bit. I have not been sleeping much at all due to being uncomfortable with my tummy. My gran mal seizures were on the rise and the night before we flew home to Costa Rica I had three of them again. We were all a little anxious about the travel day. We have so many things that we travel with and more than anything mom and dad were just praying for no seizures, nor me getting upset over my tummy.

Besides the flight being delayed for an hour, due to weather, everything went great. I was such a trooper on the plane. I did not have any seizures, I didnt sleep either but at least I was comfortable in my seat. We had no problems at the airport and loaded up ALL our stuff in a taxi van and off to Krystal’s we went. We arrived late that evening. The following day was a rest day, and we were scheduled to go home Friday. That night I began to have a seizure and it would stop then start again and this went on for a few hours until mom wrote the Dr and decided it was time to go to the hospital as I really could not get the seizures to stop on my own.

Off we went to ER, I was administered Dilantin via an IV and Diazapam. I drifted off to sleep, and we stayed in ER for 7 hours, Dra. Castro came down to check on Malia, and we all decided that it was best for me to stay the night and be monitored. I slept most of the night. The following day we stayed until 5pm I was having spasms but not like before and since the IV popped out and there was no other way to administer drugs except orally we decided to leave. We went to a hotel across the street and stayed the night. The plan was to go home Sunday. I did pretty good that Saturday night and we headed for home Sunday morning.

Not sure what has caused the regression of this type of seizure. Could it be the antibiotic I was taking?? Hoping that is goes away and never comes back! We caught the morning ferry and we were home by 1:30pm.Boy was I so happy to be home… Finally my own bed!
Love Malia

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