Headed home…..

Saturday, October 1st

Our flight leaves today at 4:30 pm. It is a good thing it is late in the afternoon and not in the morning because we have a lot of luggage. Thankfully we found out that all medical equipment we travel with can be packed up in a box and we are not charged extra for the baggage. My stuff alone weighs 50 pounds and takes up a lot of space! We are loaded like pack mules! My poor dad is in charge of the carry on, the new portable o2 machine, my car seat, the computer bag and of course a few bags that my mom has!  George and Grace are driving us to the airport. We left in plenty of time so that no one was stressing. I do have to say my dad, was a wee bit stressed about organizing all the luggage into Uncle George’s car! Mom and Uncle George decided to leave dad alone and let him Mcgiver everything in the back of the car! He did a great job squeezing everything and all of us into George’s car.

We arrived  with plenty of time. TSA were incredibly nice to us. You see I have not been off oxygen since the day I left the hospital in Dallas. It has been 6 days now. We have two batteries that will give us life for  8 hours. Mom is pushing me in the stroller while dad packed like a Sherpa is keeping up with mom and me and rolling the O2  machine right alongside us. With so many people in the airport there is quite a lot of maneuvering to be had! I have my surgical mask on as well,  you cant be too careful especially in a crowded airport. TSA took us into the back room. I was sleeping and a very nice lady took the liberty to check me out and make sure I was not traveling with any loaded artillery or that I might be carrying an explosive. I have to say she did not wake me up and was quite gentle in her touch. After 30 minutes in security we made it through. TSA had many bags to look through plus all my liquids that I have to carry with me. We were all very patient and in being like this we went through the process with no problems whatsoever.   We were so happy to see that our gate was only a  5 minute walk from security.

Once we arrived to our gate there was a notice saying that the gate had changed. We had to take the skytram and literally cross the entire DFW airport. It was quite the journey!  It turns out our plane had a mechanical failure. We arrived at our new gate and after being treated so kindly by AA they let us walk down the run way first. Once we  arrived to the doors of  the plane the pilot told us to turn around and head back as this plane as well was not working! So another gate change way down the airport and another hour layover before we were to board our third plane. My poor dad!!!!  We are hoping this plane is working. My parents are getting worried about the battery life on my O2 machine. They had caluclated exactly what we needed to arrive to Costa Rca and now with all the changes my first battery is getting low.

Two hours later than takeoff we boarded our plane to Costa Rica. Let me mention again how wonderful AA airlines treated us!   Once on the plane it was very  very hot as they had not had time to cool the plane down. I was managing okay. Then it is time for take off and now we are up in the air. Mom and dad had just got situated and it was time for something to drink and eat. At this time, my O2 went considerably low. Mom and dad had to bump up my by two liters knowing that the higher amount of oxygen we use the less time we have on the battery. I gave my parents a good scare as a matter of fact dad said that he aged one year during the time my oxygen dropped so low. However, I came back as I always do like a fighting little bull and my parents were able to  lower the amount of oxygen intake. Whew what a close call!

Later during the flight, I had a  huge poopy diaper. You see I am taking antibiotics and they always seem to mess with my stomach.   Can you imagine, me, mom and dad in that tiny little  bathroom changing not only my diaper but all my clothes too as the poop had gone everywhere!   Again patience is a virtue for everyone. We were almost home by this time and we were all ready to get off the plane. My battery on my O2 is holding strong but only with another hour to go!

Once we landed in San Jose, we got off the plane and were waiting for my stroller. There was a man with the airlines with a wheel  chair and my mom asked to sit down with me until the stroller arrived from down below. The man then pulled out a sheet of paper with MY name on it. AA had called ahead and asked them to meet us at the jetway. How great! Me and mom sat in the wheelchair and the nice gentleman wheeled us out to the airport and then went back to help dad with all our stuff! It was awesome.

We breezed through immigration and customs, the nice man stayed with us and looked for a huge cart to carry all our things. We went straight to customs and they were so nice they let us pass without having to xray all our bags. Our mechanic and good friend Guillermo  was waiting outside with our car. I now have hardly any batter life left but thankfully my new machine can plug right into the cigarette lighter in our car . I was good to go and we headed for our hotel.

We arrived at  the hotel after 9pm. We were all totally exhausted. I was so tired and ready for bed. We thankfully have Sunday just to rest and recooperate as I am still trying to beat this virus I have. Monday we are off to run tests again and see Dra. Castro my pediatrician.

I went straight to bed still taking in my oxygen and happy to have made it home. I just want to say thanks to everyone who was so kind to us and treated me so special. I am hoping  I will be feeling better soon.

Love Malia

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