The month of February passed by in a flash. I had a pretty decent month. What bothers me most are the seizures. Since Liva Nova has offered to help begin the process of the donation of the VNS device my mom’s job was to find the doctors and a hospital to donate as well. In order for Liva Nova to donate they request the doctors and the hospital donate their services and operating. Since the device costs $20-$25K I can understand why they request everyone to come on board and donate.

Since I am Tica,(Costa Rican) my mom decided to ask the Children’s Hospital in San Jose. In Costa Rica, there is a social system where medical attention is free if paying your monthly quota. I have been paying into the system for nearly 11 years now and mom did not think it would be a problem to have the surgery done there! We also donate to them each year either to the Intensive Care or Respiratory Care department. You probably will remember I stayed inside ICU for 6 weeks while fighting for my life. Remember we donated a couch and nice chairs for the parents who have to wait outside of ICU since when mom and dad were there it was metal chairs. She called my neurologist who works at the Children Hospital and is on the neurology board. This is an ambulatory surgery that takes maybe 2 hours at most. My neurologist said she would speak to the board at their next meeting. They meet every Tuesday.

We were anxiously awaiting the news the following day and when mom called Dr. Hernandez she was not very happy when she hung up. Even though we had previously been informed that I was not a candidate for the VNS at Children’s Hospital for my poor prognosis, we did not think the hospital would tell us no on using the operating room even though we had the VNS device donated.

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