The month of January was filled with visits from my grandparents granny and paw paw Brown. There were a few excursions to the beach for some salt air and relaxation. I continue to suffer with seizures on a constant basis. In December right before Christmas, I found out that the company Liva Nova who makes the pacemaker of the brain (VNS) had said that they would donate the device.

My mom had been searching and calling for a month and talking to different representatives of the Epilepsy foundation she had told many family and friends what I was needing. One day granny called and said that my Uncle Rob had spoken to his neighbor Mrs. Sandy Black. Rob explained how terrible my seizures had become and that I had tried everything out there in regards to anti epileptic drugs. I currently take three now. It turns out that Sandy is the Vice President of the product modulation department at Liva Nova. Sandy told Rob she was going to try everything to make it happen that I get the device. The VNS device here in Costa Rica costs $25K. We were all so happy we were crying. Am so grateful to my uncle Rob for investigating for me and helping me to get this device..

The most amazing thing is that here in Costa Rica we have a pediatric surgeon and another doctor that can calibrate the device! So exciting, we hear from other moms that is has helped tremendously in the reduction of seizures and the intensity. Would sure be great if I could have less of them!

Keep me in prayers that it all works out smoothly.

Love Malia

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