A trip to the city! (for fun)

Finally after all these years we are making a family trip into the city to have some fun! We left the house on Thursday morning and headed to San Jose. Today is the annual tree lighting at the Children’s Hospital. This makes our third year to go! The hospital always lets us go in through emergency and we get to go behind the scenes and sit right by the tree. Many many people come to see the tree lighting plus there is a huge show with music and dancers!

This year we cut it a little close, as I did have one last minute appointment at 5pm. We went to see neurologist Dr. Sittenfeld. He is the neurologist who knows how to calibrate the Vagnus Nerve Stimulator. Mom had spoken to the representative Gabrielle Cayama at Liva Nova and he had told us our first step in getting the device was to make an appointment with Dr. Sittenfeld. The doctor was very nice to me. Mainly mom was just filling him in on all the different types of seizures I have and asking if it would be possible to have the VNS surgery here. The doctor is going to help us and will be writing a letter for us so that maybe we can get the VNS device donated a mere $20,000 device! Dr. Sittenfeld said he would be happy to donate his services and time as well.. So fingers crossed!!!

We rushed to the children’s hospital and made it just in time to see the tree lighting! There are 25,000 lights on the tree, it is amazing to see when they turn it on! I was quite fascinated with it and of course getting to see Mr. and Mrs Claus.. They are always so sweet to me, Santa always whispers a secret in my ear! This year the local news came up to us and asked to interview us. They were impressed that we came all the way from Delicias just to see the tree!!

We had a great night! I was pretty pooped from the trip and all super stimulated from all the excitement but wouldn’t change a thing! It is our family tradition and a fun one!

The following day we went to the park that we always drive by and say we are going to go one day. Since I didnt have any doctors appointments we went and strolled around the lake and it was a gorgeous day and so nice to be out! Getting super excited as today my two best friends are coming into town to see me and we are going to the ballet!!

Love Malia

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