I made it to ten years old. TEN YEARS!! Woohoo! I am now in the double digits! Unbelivable after all I have just gone through and I am still managing to show up and have fun at my party! Whew, what a week…. I did not stop seizing until Tuesday. 4 days of on and off stop seizures that would not let me sleep or rest peacefully. BUT…… I STOPPED! I was good to go by Wednesday! And mom and dad decided how could we cancel the best party of the year celebrating my TEN YEARS!!!

All my friends came! My Uncle Jesse and Aunt Debbie were present as my family and of course Aunt Kathy! She never misses my birthday! We had a great time. Lots of preparations and planning for my big event. The theme this year was FLOWER POWER! Super easy as my home is surrounded by flowers… and POWER IS WHAT I HAVE!

It was a peace and love kinda day… Lots of food, good times, laughing and great costumes! I was of course the cutest of all! We had pin the tail on the hippie girl, water balloons which I was able with help to throw a few!! Cake, music, song and fun… The best part was I enjoyed it all… Smiles were flowing from me and I know that is the best thing I can give to anyone is my smiles….

Another year down, praying to the Lord above and all his Angels that surround me that I will have another great year…. Thanks for all who came and for all the good wishes I received on line! Until my next big birthday bash..
Mucho Amor

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