Uncle Jesse

There is a special kind of love between me and my Uncle Jesse. Not sure how to describe it but the best way would be to say we just connect. He has always been pushing me since when I was a baby! His favorite thing that he likes to do is give me 4 not 3, not 2 nor 6 but 4 kisses on my forehead. He started that a long time ago and I love it. It was so great having him and Debbie here. He is a great book reader! He read to me many times one of my all time favorites Skippy Jon Jones… You know that crazy Siamese cat who thinks he is a Chihuahua! You have to read it with a spanish accent! He did a great job singing and using his best spanish accent! :) I love him so much. He believes in me 100%. I was sad to him go but we will get to see them soon in September for my party.


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