A new tradition!

December 4 2017

We are headed to San Jose today! We are excited as my Grandma Marg is coming to spend Christmas with us! We are so happy to have her here during Christmas!!

We have decided to start a new tradition! Last year when we donated the couch and chairs to the ICU department of The Children’s Hospital in San Jose, it was at the same time of their annual Christmas tree lighting. I had such a nice time at the tree lighting as was treated like VIP so we decided we would come to San Jose each year to see the lighting of the Christmas Tree. It is a huge tree a big Cypress that proudly stand at the front entrance of the hospital. They have many activities going on! There was music, dancing, a parade, and of course Mr & Mrs Claus! I loved every second of it especially when Santa came up to me and leaned down to talk to me! He was so sweet. I love Santa.

After the lighting we headed to one of the oldest theaters in town, the Melico Salazar Theater in downtown San Jose. My parents had bought box seats for us to go and see the Nutcracker!!! Talk about a busy day! Roxanna came with us as well! It was great having grandma be a part of all this!! Once we arrived to the theater and got settled in our seats I decided to take a quick cat nap! Mom kept tapping my shoulder trying to keep me awake but geez, it had already been a long day and it was nice and cozy inside the theater! I only napped for thirty minutes and when I awoke the ballet dancers were jumping and twirling across the stage! The lights, design, and costumes were amazing. I no longer wanted to sit in my chair but to sit on my mom’s lap! So for the rest of the play mom held me on her legs and I watched until the end of the Nutcracker!! Everyone was very nice to me and made special care that I had plenty of room to pass by! The producer of the play came up to me at the end and thanked me for coming. It was a very special night, and something we will definitely do again.. It was fun dressing up and going out on the town.

To me, the experience of going to the ballet, participating in the tree lighting, and picking up my grandma there could not be a better gift. The spirit of Christmas is not the gifts you receive but the love you give, the sharing with family and friends and the art of giving. Merry Christmas to all.
Love Malia,

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