Morgan’s Wonderland!

September 17,2016

Morgan’s Wonderland is one of my favorite places to go when in Texas. After arriving to Texas on the 11th we stayed one night at our dear friends Jennifer Mckeough’s home. We had a lovely time with her and she cooked us a fine meal! We headed to my Grandpa’s Curtis and Gammy Pat’s place the following day and stayed the week with them hanging out on their ranch and enjoyed the peace and quiet.

On Saturday morning we packed up and headed south to San Antonio. We met my granny half way as Paw Paw Brown and Uncle Jesse were driving her to meet up with us half way! We also were meeting our dear friends Daphni and my best buddy Connor. Connor and I have a date each year to meet at Morgan’s! We ride all the rides together and check out all the cool things Morgan’s has to offer. This year Morgan’s added a ferris wheel. It was so much fun to be way up in the sky looking down below at the beautiful park. My granny is scared of heights but that day she got the nerve to go on the ferris wheel with us! It was so much fun. It was super hot that day close to 97 degrees but thankfully there were some clouds in the sky so it wasn’t too bad! Morgan’s is in the process of building a water park and next year it will be ready for me and Connor to play in the water. I can’t wait to see it! Morgan’s is simply the coolest place ever and the fact that I can be changed their comfortably, I can ride all the rides, and everyone is always nice to me. It is the best thing ever. I can’t wait to go back next year.

Love Malia

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