The Parker’s arrived!

June 24th, 2016
We dropped grandma off at the airport. We all so sad to see her go! Our friends Michael and Susan came to visit for a few days. We rode the ferry back with them and came home to a crazy storm. The wind was so strong tree limbs were flying through the air. We came home to no electricity and got home just in time before the sun went down so we could light candles. The storm only lasted for 30 minutes but caused a lot of damage our nursery cloth blew down and a huge tree blew over right up the street from us! It was scary!

The sun came out the next day, Michael and Susan came over and had dinner with us and we had a really nice time with them. Michael and Susan are the owner’s of Opal Divine’s where I have my benefit each year. They are so kind to us always by allowing us to be there! My benefit this year is September 24th. Looking forward to seeing them again in Texas!
Love Malia

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