Our birthday bash!

June 18th 2016
Today we had our dual birthday party! It is a wild west theme and everyone coming is dressing up cowboy or cowgirl style! Grandma and Mom have been very busy since coming back from the beach preparing for our big party! There is lots of planning and cooking to do! Naty my PT is in charge of the decorations and games for us kids! I have been doing pretty good… I still have issues with sleeping at night and morning seizures seem to always want to bother me when I wake up but other than those two things bugging me things are good. I am excited about my party today many of my friends came to wish me and dad happy birthday.

Naty turned the house into a saloon and we had hay bails outside and a giant boot for my piƱata. There were horsehoes, and roping contests as well as water balloons! Of course my dear friends Sara and Rachid played their violin and chello for me and even received an encore! They played can can one more time and had everyone dancing! It was so much fun! :) Thanks for all who came, and especially grandma. It meant the world to me to have you here. Until next year!
Love Malia

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