Big Meeting

On Wednesday morning mom scooped me out of bed and we took off for San Jose. Our group Dad, Aunty Kathy, and Naty. We were off to see Senator Alfaro, he is the VP of Congress and he wanted to meet me. Costa Rica is very close to legalizing medicinal cannabis. The Senator wanted to hear my story and how much Cannabis has helped me. It has reduced my seizures drastically up until one point we went four months seizure free. I now don’t have to use Diazepam to stop my seizures I simply put a drop of oil under my tongue. I had tried countless of other seizure drugs with terrible side effects none of them helped me like my oil does. Thankfully I was able to get off one of the drugs I was taking it did horrible things to my pancreas and kidneys. Aunty Kathy was even able to speak to the Senator. She told him she only wished she had had the opportunity to use the oil, that maybe if she had Lindsay would still be with us. The bottom line is Seizures Kill and less seizures means longer life. So why in the world would you not approve a plant that God put on this earth to heal us????

So I am hoping to make history here in Costa Rica. I hope I can convince those that don’t believe. As my mom told the senator, what parent would not want there child better? Cannabis has made me more alert, I smile now all the time, it has given me better quality of life. We will be going back in two weeks to speak with more Senators. Keeping my fingers crossed we convince them. Besides, how could you not want to help me?
Love Malia

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  1. Katya garland (for Daron) says:

    Happy belated Birthday, Malia! You are such a beautiful girl! Love those big smiles! Daron is sending you hugs :) He has also started CBD recently, called Palmetto Harmony. We think it has helped some, but wish it would do even better. Rachel, do you mind sharing what kind of CBD has worked for Malia?
    Thank you for sharing Malia’s life with us.

  2. Rachel says:

    Hi Katya, we use Charlotte’s Web but have recently not had the best results and are trying Heleigh Hope soon. It is definitely trial and error to see what works best. What type of seizures does Daron have?

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