New beginings

My grandparents arrived on the 2nd of January. They brought me a new medicine I am going to try to help with my seizures. I sure am hoping it helps and works to reduce these annoying seizures that attack me daily!

The following week I came down with some type of stomach bug. One day while having lunch I began to feel queezy and started to throw up. The only bad thing about my Nissen surgery is that I can no longer vomit. So it does not feel good when your tummy is upset and you want to release but you cant. I must have gagged three times during lunch with my face red and eyes watering. After a couple of days of doing this and overall not feeling well my parents decided we should head on into San Jose and do a round of blood work and other tests on me to make sure it was not something bacterial. We left on the 8th January at caught the 5pm ferry.. It was dreadfully hot that day and the ferry was packed. We got to Krystal’s house at 8pm. It was so great to see her. She offered her home to us for the next three days. The following morning our good friend Jonathan came to the house at 6am to draw my blood. We always try and skip entering the hospital always best to keep the germs far far away!!

My parents had some dr. appts in town and I stayed behind wit MJ at Krytal’s and did some working out… Two little squirells made their way into the house this morning. It seems they were abandoned as they decided they wanted to stay with us and we did not see any sight of their mother. Krystal was so sweet to take care of them.. It turns out her neighbors take in wild animals, nurse them then set them free into the wild so after feeding and playing with them a bit the neighbors came to take them!

My blood work came back and my doctor said that I am better than all of us! Once we arrived to San Jose I stopped the vomiting and began to eat a little more. The next day we did our routine shopping and the following morning we headed home. It was worth the trip, diapers are cheaper in San Jose! :)

It was a quick trip seemed like I picked up a little bug. At least we know all my levels are good and I am in good shape!
Love Malia

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