Dallas Day 4, 5, and 6th

Uncle George, Grace and Scout were very excited to see me! On my first night there we hung out at George’s house and caught up and laughed a bunch. We were all pretty exhausted from the trip, and an early night to bed was the plan for me! Of course my mom and George stayed up late, as Janet came by later that evening and they had some catching up to do! Dad took me to bed and I fell fast asleep.

The following day, George and Grace went to work and school and my parents and I went shopping. George had rented us a car for the day so that we had time to run around and go shopping! I had a new outfit to buy for my benefit, and mom and dad too! We met George out at Cedar’s for lunch. I had my lunch too and everything went well.. It is nice because now I can actually eat out at places where as before it would take me 5 hours to eat lunch and now it is just one hour! :) My tummy is a little off from all the traveling but all in all I am doing really good. Seizures have been so so. They have been less frequent than before. Everything was on sale at all the stores and we made out like bandits! After shopping we picked up Grace Ann from school! Gotta love end of summer sales!!! Later that evening Katie came over and we had a great time together.

The next day my dad got up early and Janet took him to greyhound bus station so that he could go to Waco. There Auntie T would be waiting for him with the Armarda. She is so sweet!! Each year she loans us her big car so we don’t have to rent one!! Dad was back by 2pm! It was a pretty qtrip for him! Later that day,Nana came to see me, George’s mom. SHe is so sweet and it was so nice to see her again. After our visit we went back to Old Navy to find me a dress. We found two! Still not sure which one I will be wearing. We have time though. We all headed to Mi Cocina, George’s favorite Mexican food place. Janet and Katie came out as well and it was a lot of fun sitting outside for dinner! It was not too hot either! That evening Janet came back to the house with us and her and my mom knocked out a ton of work for my benefit!! They definitely made some head way!!

Tomorrow we head to Lockhart!
Cant wait to see all my family there!
Love Malia oxox

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