August 23rd – 28th

I had a good week of working out with Sofia. I did not start the week of with  a ton of desire to work out but by the end of the week I was doing very well and Sofia was very pleased with my progress. Mondays for me are like everyone else, who wants to go to work on Monday?? Sarah came to visit me again this Monday and she wrote me the nicest comment here in my blog. I really like her coming by and visiting me!

I had a great weekend with my parents. Mom and dad went to Sarah’s parents house for dinner on Saturday and Sofia stayed and watched me! I am glad mom and dad were able to go out and have some fun, it has been almost a year  since they have gone anywhere without me. I enjoy Sofia’s company and was in bed early on Saturday. On Sunday we hung out in the hammocks and watched Rango. It has been quite stormy and windy here. We have one week here before we start heading North to Texas. I hear the heat is unbearable there! Sure do hope it cools down by the time we get there. I am looking forward to going home and visiting all my friends and family. I cant wait for my party! The Shriner Clowns are performing for me! Yeah! 🙂


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