Back at it!

We have been home for a week now since San Jose. It always takes me a while to get my groove back but I am doing good again. Sofia pushes me really hard and does not let me cry my way out of working out. She is a great therapist and friend. We have alot of fun together out at the platform. Many animals come to visit us. I especially like the squirrels, sometimes they throw things at us. I also have two new friends coming to see me. Sarah and Rachid.  They have come to see me workout three times and it has been great. They cheer me along and help Sofia by handing her things and putting up the toys when we are done. It really makes my day to see them out at the platform. They are very sweet to come and see me. They are 8 and 11 years old so I can imagine they might have better things to do than come watch me workout but they do and it is great!

We just bought our plane tickets for my party. I am looking forward to going home and seeing my friends and family. My parents are a little anxious about traveling with me but I now I am going to be just fine!

Love Malia

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  1. sara pardo says:

    a mi tambien me encanta ir a comprtir y disfrutar de tu dulzura, me hace muy feliz ver como malia avanza en su trbajo diario. intentare ir a verte todos los lunes, espero verte el proximo lunes, ver tus avances, escuchar lo que me comenta sophia y disfrutar un lindo dia contigo !!!!!!BYE!!!!!!!!SEE YOU!!!!!! 🙂

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