January 15th 2011

Dr. Perez has decided to bring in a Pulmonologist. They have come by to see me and check out my lungs. After being on a breathing tube for so long there are definitely possibilities of my airway being damaged. Lesions can occur after the breathing tube has been inside me for so long. Hopefully this has not happened. All of these factors play a very big part in me being able to breathe on my own. The pulmonlogist meets with my mom and asks how I used to be at home. My mom cant stop bragging on me and telling him how well I was doing before I became sick. I can only hope that after all this time of being in here that I am going to be able to breathe again on my own. I also have to be able to cough and swallow! Hopefull I can do all these thing when the time comes!

The doctor begins to talk to my about the tracheostomy but my parents have decided that we are not there yet and that there is no need to talk about something that has not happened yet. My parents insist that I be given another chance.  I am special and I need more respiratory care!  Once the tube is pulled out my parents have asked that I not be drugged up but awake and alert and ready to give it my best shot! I wonder when this day will come as I still have to get over this new infection. I am not giving up hope. I am a fighter and will give it my very best when the next time comes around to pull the breathing tube out!

Love Malia

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