January 10th 2011

At 7:45 am the doctor took my breathing tube out. The sensation of having  that tube out of my throat is wonderful!  I take my first breath of real air and it feels so good. I am breathing on my own. The first 24 hours pass by and I am getting the hang of breathing again. My parents are so happy! We are getting so close to being outta here. My mom that night went shopping and bought cake and cookies for the nurses and doctors! We had already talked to Dra. Castro and were organizing for my transfer to the private hospital on Wednesday! Yippee, we are going to get out of ICU!!!!!

On Tuesday morning, at 8am I had a small seizure. The doctor at the moment decided to give me Valium to stop my seizure. When my mom arrived that morning I was not breathing so good anymore. I also have a ton of saliva and secretions right now. The valium helps add to the secretions. The xrays showed my lungs being cloudy. I am having trouble coughing and swallowing. The valium is taking effect and I am getting very sleepy. This is not good, the doctor talks to my mom and tells her that it is a very big possibility that I may have to be entubated again and not to be surprised that when she came back from  lunch I would have the breathing tube again.

They have now put a bipap mask on me. This means positive airway pressure into my lungs. The mask will help push more air into my lungs. Right now everyone is trying to keep me from being intubated.  My mom says I could be in star wars with the way the mask looks on me. It is super tight on my face, I really do not like the feels of this it is so so tight. I feel claustrophobic right now. My heart rate keeps rising. I am not liking any of this anymore. I am getting tired. It is getting harder and harder to breathe on my own. In the end, I have to have the breathing tube put back again. My parents are crushed. I think I might hear my mom crying in the background. They are drugging me up again. I am alone as mom is not allowed to stay in the room while they intubate me again. Maybe next time I will be able to do it.


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