December 30th

I made it through the night. I am on morphine and many other drugs. Since I have septic shock I am on Dopamine which helps keep my blood pressure stable. This is very important. The septisim is trying to keep my blood pressure down. At Children’s hospital they tie your arms down to the bed so there is no risk in pulling out the hoses. I have so many coming out of me right now. I am at no risk for moving as I am so sedated. Right now I am not looking my best. I have a tube ran down the back of my throat pumping air into my lungs and helping me to breathe. They have poked me at least 20 times trying to draw blood from me. Even though they found the artery in my femur they are utilizing it for all the drugs and need to be taking blood for testing from another place. My arms looks terrible.

At CIMA they mentioned I might have Dengue since my plateletes were so low, then Menigitis was thrown out there. My parents both knew I did not have either one of those. What in the world has taken a hold of me? I have been so healthy for so long why is this happening? The doctors here are saying I have a urinary tract infection. They suspect that I may have refluxed my urine back into my kidneys thus causing this horrible infection and bacteria. We have to wait 48 hours to see what type of bacteria it is. Right now they are pumping broad spectrum antibiotics into me to cover all basis. I am still in the emergency room as there are no beds available in ICU. Needless to say being in the emergency room has been exciting.

At 7pm we get the word that I am being transferred to ICU. This is very good news as I will be well taken care of up there.


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