December 28th 2010

Today when I woke up my fever was back and a little higher than yesterdays. When my dad gave me breakfast this morning he noticed a dark black substance from my gtube. This definitely alarmed my mom and dad. My mom called Dr. Mora (my GI) and asked his advice. He did not seem too concerned and told us to get a blood test that maybe I might have an ulcer or upset tummy. Obtaining a blood test in Cobano would be the tricky part. We thought we would be able to draw blood from my finger for this test. We we arrived to the clinic, we were told they would have to take the blood from my vein. We knew this would be a problem for only Maureen in San Jose knows how to find my veins. My mom told the nurse he had three chances. He did not succeed and we went home.

Once we were home, mom and dad made the decision for us to leave for San Jose. We were scrambling to get everything packed up and were trying to catch the 5pm ferry. My heart rate had accelerated so mom called Dr. Castro my pediatician. She as well did not seem too concerned with my low grade fever and higher heart rate. We decided we would go in and take a blood test the following morning.

We arrived in San Jose at 9pm. Overall I had a good journey. I was not fussy. I was alert and my fever had broke. My heart rate was down as well. Once we were at the hotel I went straight to sleep. At 10:30pm I woke up. Mom and I hung out together in bed. I was not crying I was just not sleepy. I could not really get comfortable. My mom was still not too concerned as she knows that when I am not at a 100 % I sometimes can not get myself comfortable.


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