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Visit from Chicago IL!

Friday, January 31st, 2014

Recently I had a nice surprise. Sahil Hutchinson and his mom Jennifer came to visit me. It was the very first time that we had the opportunity to meet them. Jennifer reached out to my mom when Sahil was only six months old. They found out about me through my website. My mom and Jenn began to talk and have become friends over the years. Sahil is now 4 years old. Jennifer and Sahil were able to make their wish come true,thanks to Make A Wish Foundation. I felt so honored that they wanted to come and meet me. We are very excited to have them as house guests.

Jenn and Sahil stayed in Arenal, by the volcano, they were put up at a 5 star resort! The make a wish foundation bought everything for them on their trip. They were brave enough to take a taxi from Arenal to Puntarenas, then cross the ferry and come straight to our house! The ferry boys took really good care of them like they always do for me. My mom had called ahead to make sure they were getting rock star treatment! Once they arrived Sahil was pretty pooped and crashed on my bean bag for a while. After he woke up we met and he gave me some presents! :) I love presents!

Today was Thursday and you know what that means! Conejo! Sahil had never seen a horse before! Maria Jose, stretched me out first and put my suit on me and then it was Sahil’s turn. He was going to go for his first ever horse ride! Yahoo!! :) So happy to be sharing Conejo and MJ with Sahil! He did a really great job on Conejo. Sometimes it takes kids awhile to get used to being on a horse! Sahil was pretty comfortable up there! We had a fun time together!!! After that we had dinner, Sahil sat right next to me at the table and I kept casually reaching out to touch his knee. Sahil is pretty shy, he was not so sure about me touching him but I did anyway! We had a fine meal together. Mom cooked up some food for Sahil so we enjoyed the same meal!

THe following day it was off to Los Cedros. Unfortunately they were only able to stay one night as their flight back to Chicago was on Saturday. So we took advantage of the morning and went to the beach. Sahil experienced yet another first time event! He went into the ocean with his mommy! It was his first time to put his feet in the sand and get his body soaking wet with salt water! It was so awesome! I hung back and watched. We headed back up to the house around 2ish as there ride to the ferry was coming at 3pm. We had the most awesome time together I can’t thank Jenn and Sahil enough for coming to see us. It was so wonderful to see them….What a fun experience for us all.
Love Malia <3

Friday, January 31st, 2014